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The Ophelia Series

is a collection of photography inspired by John Everett Millais Pre-Raphaelite painting titled 'Ophelia' (1852) Barry's works plunge us into an underwater world of billowing fabrics, shimmering mirages and visions of the tragic heroine's dream of an afterlife.The abstract distortions and reflections generated by light and colour on moving water suggest an otherworldly realm with a different sense of time.

In my work I stage photo shoots underwater. I set up surreal and whimsical photographic still life’s and portraits underwater manipulating elements such as light, scale, perspective and colour. I am inspired by water's unique properties- light, clarity, buoyancy, and reflectivity.

The transformative quality of water has a power of
turning the ordinary into something surreal magical and otherworldly. I am fascinated by the abstract
qualities and the ethereal aesthetic that water creates when my subjects are submerged.The forms are
fragmented and distorted by the swirls and ripples created by the movement of the water.
I have photographed everything from people to fabric, vintage dress's, toys, balloons, ribbons,
umbrella’s, and bikes underwater. I shoot both day and night, and the different atmospheric effects have
been really interesting to explore.

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